Orange Corner Wins Gourmet Taiwan Overseas Quality Restaurant!


The Overseas Quality Restaurant (OQR) Emblem, issued by The Gourmet Taiwan, has been the trusted guide to exceptional Taiwanese cuisine since 2013. On behalf of the Overseas Community Affairs Council, the Synergy Development Centre is developing and promoting the Gourmet Taiwan: OQR Symbol program internationally. Looking for the OQR Symbol is a convenient, reliable way to locate the best in Taiwanese fine dining outside of Taiwan. All candidate restaurants are carefully considered in a two-stage process that first assesses basic qualifications and then conducts a detailed onsite review.

This year, after a series of strict review process on food quality, dining environment and restaurant service, 50 North America restaurants were given an Overseas Quality Restaurant award in this September, in effort to promote eateries which serve authentic Taiwanese cuisine. As one of the only two restaurants in Metro Vancouver, Orange Corner also wins Taiwan’s stamp of approval. Orange Corner has now become the most authentic Taiwanese restaurant in Vancouver. Congratulations!

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Founded in 2004, Orange Corner has been well know for its delicious bubble tea, french crepes, and authentic Taiwanese cuisine. Orange Corner never gives up to be the best for food materials, seasoning and taste. Majority of the ingredients are shipped from Taiwan in order to contribute a unique flavour and to keep the original feature. Therefore, high quality and authentic taste are always the symbols of Orange Corner.

In addition, all the raw materials are freshly purchased everyday by Orange Corner, to ensure that all the meat, fruits and vegetables are in superior quality. Since Canadian beef is famous for its high quality, Orange Corner chooses the beef locally to make the best Brisket with Noodle in Soup and the most delicious Beef Chinese Pancake Roll. In order to present the perfect flavour, it always takes longer than 10 hours every time to cook the beef noodle broth. More importantly, the rich, nutritional broth is always packed with layers of flavours that come from different kinds of vegetables, fruits and herbal medicine. Also, Orange Corner is always the perfect place to find your favourite Taiwanese snacks like Deep Fried Chicken Nuggets. Come and try some at Orange Corner, the crispy, juicy and delicious chicken nuggets will definitely leave a faint fragrance lingering in your mouth.

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